Lizard in Pudding?

“I am really late today,” said Rentu rat walking faster. It was dark outside and the streets were deserted.

Suddenly, Fanny cat blocked his way. “Oh! You? Here?” asked Rentu, surprised. “I hope you haven’t come to bully me again!”

“No, Rentu,” said Fanny, looking around nervously. “I’m in big trouble! Please
help me!”

“Why, what happened?” asked Rentu.

“Baddy wolf is after me. He’s been harassing me for a few days. He
was chasing me, but I somehow ran away and escaped.”

“I see,” said Rentu, thinking. “But how can I trust what you are saying?”

“Rentu, this is not the time to fight! Baddy won’t let you go either, if he catches me. Think of a plan, quick! I promise, I’ll never bully you,” pleaded Fanny.

“You don’t have to ask twice. I never back down from helping my neighbours. Just follow my instructions.”

Rentu went and got some pudding from Manjari cow. Then he threw the pudding container on the road.

“Why did you do that?” asked Fanny, taken aback.

“Grab your tummy and lie down as though you’re in pain. I’ll handle the rest!” said Rentu. By now, Baddy had reached near Fanny and Rentu.

“Wow! Two preys at one place! I’m going to have a feast tonight!” he said, his mouth watering.

Then he noticed Fanny lying on the road, wriggling in pain. 

“What happened to you, Fanny?” he asked.

 But Fanny did not answer and kept lying down holding her stomach.

“Don’t ask her, I’ll tell you. Ow! It hurts so badly!” said Rentu, as he staggered on his feet, grabbing his tummy.

“I made this pudding today,” Rentu said. “It was so tasty! I was eating it here on my own. Then Fanny came…”

“Then what happened?” prompted Baddy.

“Yes…then…wait…See my condition! I don’t know how long I’ll stay alive,” said Rentu.

“Tell me, what happened!” said Baddy, angrily.

“Yes, I was eating the pudding when Fanny sneaked up behind and pounced on me. I pleaded with her to let me go. But she was very hungry. So she didn’t leave me!”

“And then?” asked Baddy.

“I told her to eat the pudding instead, and let me go. Fanny agreed. Both of us then had the pudding…”

“Then what happened? Why are you grabbing your stomach?” asked Baddy, puzzled and irritated.

“Our stomachs soon started hurting after we ate the pudding. But it looks like Fanny’s in a worse condition. She’s already vomited several times,” said Rentu.

“The pudding… the pudding… must be something in it,” said Fanny, in a
weak voice. 

“Yes, of course! It’s the pudding that caused this. I think it’s poisoned,” said Baddy.

“You are right!” said Rentu. “I think a lizard must have fallen into the pudding. There are many lizards in my house and I think I had kept the pudding on the table without a lid.”

“What?” asked Baddy. “A lizard?” He was disgusted.

“Yes, yes, it must be a lizard,” said Fanny, agreeing with Rentu. “But I can’t bear this pain now. Baddy, you wanted to feast on me anyway. Go ahead, please eat me!” she wailed. 

 “Yes! Even my body is hurting badly,” said Rentu. “Baddy, please eat me first. Then feast on Fanny.” And he started walking towards Baddy.

“No, no, never! I don’t want to die of poisoning! Don’t come anywhere near me!” said Baddy, running away.

Ha! Ha!” Rentu laughed after Baddy had gone. “Look how I made him run away!”

“You’re amazing, Rentu! I thought I was the smart one! But you’re way smarter!” said Fanny, patting his back.

“But we’ve wasted the pudding!” said Rentu, dejectedly.

“Don’t worry about that! Come to my house! I’ll make pudding tomorrow specially for you!” said Fanny.

“OK, but make sure that it’s lizard-free!” said Rentu, teasingly.

Fanny broke into laughter.

Let us Rhyme

Geeta was not aware that Srishti’s grandmother was a poet. Geeta had come to celebrate grandma’s birthday at Srishti’s invitation.

Dadi asked, “If we want to celebrate my birthday, would you all like to do it my way?”

“Yes, why not, dadi,” replied Srishti, “So, will we not cut a cake on your birthday?”

“We will neither cut a cake nor will we blow candles. We will do something more fun!”

“So, how do you want to celebrate it?” asked Geeta.

“We will sing and dance,” said dadi.

“Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun,” said Srishti.

“So, let’s begin with some rhymes,” said dadi.

“What are rhymes?” asked Srishti.

“We have to say something in two, four or six lines, which should end in rhyming words like bad-mad, day-say, couch-pouch.”

“Okay,” said Geeta. “Dadi, you go first and we’ll follow your example.”

Dadi made a funny face and said, “So, listen:

Humans look like owls,

But they don’t growl!

Owls look like me,

Look closely, you will see!”

Everyone laughed. “Wow, dadi! An owl’s face resembles ours. But dadi, you are not an owl. You are our beloved dadi,” said Srishti and hugged her.

Geeta had thought of some lines. “May I give it a try?” she asked.

“Go ahead,” replied dadi.

“Move your legs,

Move ten paces and come back two pegs.

Let’s see who runs fast,

Who goes ahead and who comes back last?”

“Wow!” As soon as Geeta said her rhyme, Srishti, Smridhi and Priyanka stood in line. Dadi said go and everyone ran. Geeta was the first one to come back after touching the wall.

“Wow, dadi, your birthday will be memorable,” said Srishti.

“After all whose birthday is it?” said dadi and started reading one of her poems,

“Come. Come.

We make a circle,

Hold hands, everyone stands

wearing purple.

Let’s play again,

And make a chuk-chuk train.”

Dadi stood in front and the children held onto each other’s shirts and started the train. Chuk-chuk! Rahul was at the back. He was blowing a whistle and then said,

“Kabaddi is a number one game,

played by the wise,

Not for those who don’t exercise,

Whoever touches the winning line,

They will wear the garland of

victory and shine!”

Saying so, Rahul made two teams and started playing Kabaddi. Dadi was quick and touched the winning line and returned.

“Really! Dadi’s game is fun,” said Rahul.

After some time, they all got tired and sat down to talk.

Dadi! When you were young, were you afraid of exams?” asked Smridhi.

“Yes, like everyone I too was afraid of things I didn’t understand,” said dadi.

“People who didn’t understand the dark were afraid of it. The only reason we still fear things is because we don’t know them.”

“My grandfather used to say exams test our knowledge. They bring out whatever one has learnt.”

“What does this mean, dadi?” asked Geeta.

“Exams are held so that we can ask ourselves what we know and test our memory. So, why should we fear them?”

“Hmm…I did not think of exams that way,” said Srishti, “Now, what do we do next, dadi?”

Dadi distributed sweets to all the kids. She also gave them a storybook.

“My children! If everyone reads their books, I’ll think my birthday was meaningful,” she said.

Srishti then said,

“Let dadi’s birthday come again,

We get to play aboard a train!

May we sing and dance a lot just like this,

And give dadi a hug and a kiss.”

Saying this everyone hugged dadi and sat down to eat dinner.


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Many frogs lived in the Champakan pond. Kanduk was a jovial frog. He loved to make other frogs laugh.

One day, while Kanduk was entertaining his friends in the pond, King Sher Singh came there to have a bath. Unfortunately, the king stepped on one of Kanduk’s legs and it broke. Kanduk screamed in pain. The king immediately admitted him to the hospital for treatment.

The Minister of Laughs

Doctor Bhola, the bear had to replace Kanduk’s leg with a wooden leg. Kanduk practised using his artificial leg and soon got used to it. Now wherever he went, he would praise his wooden leg a lot.

Once Kanduk’s friend Champa, the squirrel was unwell. She was down with typhoid and was admitted to the hospital. When Kanduk heard about it, he went to visit her along with his brother Tandul.

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The hospital was crowded with patients and visitors. Kanduk decided to entertain all the patients and began narrating the story about his wooden leg. He said, “Having a wooden leg has its benefits. It cannot get injured and so does not pain!”

Then he called a patient and gave him a stick. “Hit and see.”

That patient, Uluk hit Kanduk’s leg with all his might. Kanduk started laughing. He said, “See, I didn’t get hurt.”

Everybody smiled looking at Kanduk.

After visiting Champa, Kanduk and Tandul returned home. Kanduk began stroking his leg. Seeing this, Tandul asked, “What happened?”

“Uluk hit me on my real leg by mistake. If I wouldn’t have laughed, how would I have brought smiles on so many faces? It was a small price to pay to make others laugh.” said Kanduk and laughed out loud.

Tandul was amazed and said “You are great! Kanduk. You can laugh despite the pain. Laughter is the best Medicine.”

Comedy circuit

Froggy: Why did the scientist take out his doorbell?

Cheeku: He wanted to win the no-bell prize!



Jumbo: How will you distribute 8 mangoes between 6 peopel?

Browny Bear: By making a mango milkshake!

Forgetful Pari

Pari, the squirrel, a school teacher was very forgetful. And this was always getting her into trouble.

Once when she was going to the market, she realized that everybody was giggling at her. It was only after she checked her face in the departmental store mirror, she knew why. Pari had forgotten to wash the soap off her face before leaving

Another time, the heater in her room was not working. She called the electrician and said, “Please come immediately. I am in great trouble.”

Within five minutes, she heard a siren and her door was broken down. Two men rushed in with a stretcher and tried loading her on to it. As it turned out, she had called the hospital instead of the electrician.

Needless to say the paramedics were very angry and Pari was very embarrassed.

Yet another time, when she returned from school, she couldn’t open her front door. She tried all the keys she had, but none of them worked.

When the lock was broken and she finally entered the house, she was shocked to find that the furniture looked different. Everything was placed elsewhere.

Later that evening somebody began ringing the bell furiously. When Pari opened the door, she understood why her keys didn’t work. It wasn’t her house.

While she lived on the 16th floor, Pari had mistakenly taken the elevator up to the 17th floor. The house owners were furious and Pari then spent a lot of money fixing the door.

Seeing how scattered her thoughts were, Pari’s friend Leelu, the cuckoo suggested that she make a list of all her day’s chores.


While Pari made a list every morning, more often than not, she would forget where she left her list. She would waste time looking for it and this resulted in her being late.

One morning, when Pari reached the school, the principal walked up to her and told her that she would be giving the annual day speech next week.

Pari was excited and she was determined to prove to the others that she could be perfect for the job if she set her mind to it.

She prepared and finalised her speech the same day. In the evening she went to pick an outfit and even found matching accessories. She spent all her free time rehearsing her every move.


Soon, from getting up from her seat, to delivering the speech, to sitting back down, she knew it all.

On the day of the function she got ready early, and rehearsed again. Worried that she might board the wrong bus, Pari took a taxi to school and kept checking her reflection in the mirror. The last thing she wanted was for somebody to notice that she had applied lipstick on her eyes and kajal on her lips. Fortunately, she had made no such mistake.

She entered the school auditorium ahead of time and waited at her seat. She waited and waited but nobody arrived.

“Such indiscipline,” she thought to herself. She waited some more and repeatedly checked her watch and still there was no sign of anybody. At last the peon, Peeku, the parrot entered the auditorium.

“Why are you so late?” she shouted at him. “Come on let’s get the stage and the microphones ready. We are running late and I haven’t rehearsed even once.”

Peeku was utterly confused. “What are we getting the stage ready for?” he asked scratching his head.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the schools annual day function today,” said Pari, still angry.


Peeku burst in to laughter. “Ma’am, the function is tomorrow. Today is Sunday. Luckily I came in to pick up my umbrella. Otherwise you would have stayed here all day!”

Pari checked the date on the wall clock and realized he was right. She laughed at her own folly and went home.

Pari returned the next day and told this anecdote as part of her speech and got a big laugh from everyone present. They all appreciated her ability to laugh at herself.

Jay’s April Fool’s Surprise

Jay, the deer was naive. While, he lived peacefully with all the animals of Nandavan, the animals would always try to take advantage of Jay’s innocence. They would play pranks, but Jay would never feel bad and always had a smile on his face.

One day, the animals realized that Jay was missing for a few days. The next day, Sanju, the jackal saw Jay behaving suspiciously. Jay was headed in the direction of the old banyan tree. Sanju followed him and from a distance. He saw Jay hiding a piece of paper. Then, he went away. When Sanju picked up the paper, the note read, “Just two more weeks and victory will be ours. We will rule the forest.

When Sanju showed the note to the other animals, they were shocked. They all wondered what Jay was up to. More importantly, they were all wondering who Jay’s partner was.

Jay was nowhere to be seen for another week until Heera, the parrot noticed him sneaking up to the old banyan tree. Like last time, he placed a note there.


When the other animals read his message, they were even more upset. “The day of our victory is drawing close. I can hardly wait. In a few more days the entire forest will bow their heads before us and obey our every command,” read the message.

Now the animals needed to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. Heera was given the responsibility of finding out who Jay’s partner was. He watched over the tree for five days, but nobody came.

On the sixth day he realized that the grass near the hollow of the banyan tree was suddenly fresh and green, it had been dry all this while. Heera quickly called the other animals.

There they found yet another note. “Our wait has borne fruit. The day is finally here. All necessary preparations have been taken care of. Meet me tomorrow at 9 o’clock in the morning near the peepal tree by the river. Be careful nobody should know of our plan,” said the message.

All the animals were very eager to find out who the mysterious person was and what Jay’s plan was. They decided that they would all go to the river bank and get to the bottom of this mystery. That night, the animals hardly slept. They gathered around a bonfire and discussed what they could do the next day.


The next morning, when they reached the peepal tree, they were all annoyed. Everywhere they looked, there were signs that said “April Fool!”

When all the animals began to walk back to their homes, they found Jay walking towards them. “What’s the matter?” he asked trying hard not to laugh.

“All these years you played tricks on me and I said nothing and took it in sport. I played along because I realized it made you happy. But now, I have managed to fool each and every one of you,” said Jay.

All the animals apologized for taking Jay for granted and promised not to repeat their mistake. Jay had managed to teach them a valuable lesson.

They all had a hearty laugh and walked back home with Jay on their shoulders.


The Minister of Laughs

The king of Champakvan, Maharaja Sher Singh was under a lot of stress. He stopped visiting the royal court. He just stayed in his chambers, lost deep in thought. He no longer ate or slept properly and barely spoke to the other Ministers.

“What happened to the king?”

“What caused our jolly king’s mood to turn?”

“What will become of our kingdom?”

Such questions spread across the kingdom. The people too were feeling no better. The king had given strict orders not to let anybody disturb him. Animals who set off in hopes of cheering the king up returned disappointed.


One day, the king was standing by his window. He enjoyed standing there as the greenery that surrounded his palace made him happy.

Below his window, he saw children playing. Samba, the cub was one of them.

“Look, over there,” said Samba. “It’s Damru, the donkey. Let’s play a prank on him.”

“Let’s send him to the palace,” said the rest of the gang.

They called out to him and as he walked towards them, Samba said, “Don’t forget to keep a straight face OK? If we burst out laughing, the whole plan will be ruined.”

“Oh Damru, we’re so glad we found you. We’ve been looking everywhere for you. The king wants to see you immediately,” said Samba.

“The king wants to see me?” asked Damru. “But why?”

“We’re not sure, but we heard the news from the Ministers that the King is looking for a new Minister. Your name was being brought up a few times. They asked me to go fetch you,” said Samba.

“Wow! Do you know what this means Damru? The king wants to make you his minister. Go meet the king at once!” said Lambu, the giraffe.

“We will be waiting for you right here. Don’t forget to bring us sweets!” said the children.

Damru could hardly believe his ears. He jumped with joy and quickly set off towards the palace. Once Damru was out of earshot, the children burst in to laughter.

The king remembered it was April fool’s day. He thought of his days as a young cub and all the pranks he had played. They stirred such strong memories that he too began to laugh.

His laughter grew louder and louder. A Minister ran in to the chambers hearing the commotion and found the king holding his stomach and gasping for air.


Before he could raise an alarm, the king managed to say, “I’m fine. Don’t worry. Damru is coming to see me. Ensure he is sent in. I want to meet him.”

When the Minister reached the entrance, the guards were laughing at Damru. “I’m telling you,” he said. “The king sent for me. He wants to appoint me as his minister.”

With a stern voice, the Minister said, “Let him in.”


The guards quickly stood in attention and allowed Damru to pass. They walked together in to the royal chambers where the king waited.

When he saw Damru, the King couldn’t help but smile. Damru felt a little uneasy.

“Don’t be afraid Damru,” said the King. “It seems the children have played an April fool’s day prank on you.”

Damru’s face fell.

“Don’t feel bad Damru,” added the King. “I’m still going to make you my minister. From today, you are going to be my Minister of Laughs. You will be the royal entertainer at my court.” |


Damru was so excited, he could barely control himself. He jumped with joy and danced around the room.

Meanwhile, outside the children were getting worried. Damru had still not returned. They hoped something bad hadn’t happened to Damru. They waited for him by the palace entrance when the gates opened.

The guards announced “Make way for the Royal Minister of Laughs” and out walked Damru. The children were both shocked and surprised; Damru had actually become the king’s minister.

Soon, the news of the king cheering up spread like a wildfire and all the animals of Champakvan ran to the royal court. Damru entertained them and soon, the entire forest was back to being happy.

Once the celebrations had drawn to a close, Maharaj Sher Singh addressed the gathering.

“Laughter is crucial if one needs to lead a healthy life. I have been in a bad mood all this while, it must never happen again. This is why I have appointed Damru as my Minister of Laughs.”

From that day onwards, Damru always kept the king in a good mood. With a happy ruler leading the kingdom, Champakvan prospered.

Smile With All Your Heart

Cheeku: Can you give me a sentence using the word “gruesome”?

Henry Hen: My mother wanted some carrots. So my father gruesome (grew some).




Damru: Why can’t a bicycle stand up by itself?

Freddy Frog: Because it is ‘two-tired”! (Too tired).



Hysteric Antic

Jumbo Elephant: What will a buffalo give if you milk it after an earthquake?

Damru: A milkshake.



Jumpy Monkey: How will you catch a squirrel?

Franky Frog: Climb up a tree and act like a nut.


Tittering Sniggering

Blacky Bear: When is it bad luck to be followed by  a black cat?

Foxy Fox: If you are a mouse.



Henry Hen: Why are there so many types of blood group?

Franky Frog: So that mosquitoes can enjoy different flavours.


Insanely Sane

Franky Frog: Which was the first Hindi silent film?

Meeku: If it was a silent film then how do we know that it was in hindi?





Sher Singh: Do you know why freedom fighters were telling Simon to go back?

Cheeku: Because he was standing in the front.

Mirthful Disaster

Damru: Why are you jumping up and down instead of drinking your medicine?

Jumpy: Because it says so on the lable.




Sher Singh: Why have you got a zero in your English paper?

Franky Frog: It’s not a zero. The teacher ran out of stars so she has given me the moon instead!



Sher Singh: What goes around wood but never gets inside it.

Jumbo: The bark of tree!





Foxy Fox: Why does water move more freely than a solid?

Damru: Because water moves on a cycle (water cycle)

Uncontrollable Laughter


Cheeku: I am a 5 letter word. Even if you remove 1st, 3rd, and 5th letters and pronounce me, I sound the same. Identify me

Jumbo: Empty





Damru: Cheeku, what is the chemical formula for water?

Cheeku: H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O

Damru: What are you talking about?

Cheeku: Yesterday, you said it was H to O.