Raj’s Summer Lesson

As soon as Rinki, Munni and Raj came back home after their last paper, they all began to celebrate.

“Mummy, you have to promise us that next week, you will take us to grandma’s house for our summer vacations.”

With the kids so excited, she agreed immediately, but made them promise something too.

“Kids, I want you to promise me that, when I take you to grandma’s house, you will behave like good children. I don’t want you to trouble her and I don’t want you to tease the other children there.”

The children readily accepted and promised to be good.

The week went by in a blink and it was time to spend the summer at granny’s. The kids were so excited that they had finished their packing days in advance. Mummy and the kids went to the railway station and boarded the train to their granny’s village.

When they had settled in to their seats, Raj and Rinky immediately began to think of different ways to trouble granny and tease the other children who lived nearby.


Munni tried to make Raj understand that troubling and teasing others is a bad thing. She also reminded him of the promise he had made to their mother. But no one listened.

As the sun began to set, the train began to pull in to the station. Their grandpa and their uncle awaited their arrival. As soon as the train came to a halt, Munni ran up to them and quickly began to ask about granny.

While Raj and Rinky were dreaming of all the fun they were going to have at granny’s expense, Granny had a plan of her own. She had taken the help of all the children in the neighborhood.

When they reached, Munni hugged her granny and aunt. Raj and Rinky on the other hand began to poke fun at granny. She paid no attention to their jabs and told them about the summer competitions.

“This summer, we are going to conduct a competition for all the children in the neighborhood. There will be many events to participate in and the winner will get a cycle. You’re probably very tired right now. I’ll tell you all about it in the morning?” she said.

Raj turned to Rinky and said, “I’m winning that cycle for sure,” and ran outside.

While Raj ran around the neighborhood teasing and making fun of all the children, they all remained quiet as Raj would learn his lesson soon.

The next morning, all the children were up and ready. All the children from the neighborhood had assembled there as well.

Granny addressed the gathering, “The winner of this competition will be decided on the basis of their performance across three events. The first seven children to finish the running race will move on to the painting competition. The children who paint the five best paintings will take part in the general knowledge quiz. The smartest child will be declared the winner. The competition will be held eight days from today, so start practicing. May the best child win.”’

Raj and Rinky were confident that they would win the competition and began training at the playground. All the other children were practicing here as well.

On the eight day, all the children in the neighborhood woke up early and had assembled at the playground for the competition. Because Raj and Rinky always got up late in the morning, they were the last to arrive.


At 8:00 a.m., granny announced that the running race was about to begin. All the children stood in a line and when granny said ‘Go’, they all began to run. Even though he was tired, Raj finished fourth and moved on to the painting competition. Rinky finished eighth and was eliminated.

When the painting competition started at 1 pm, Raj realized that he was completely unprepared. Even though his painting was nothing special, he kept telling all the children that he would surely win. When the results were announced, Raj found out that he had received the least marks. He accused the judges of being partial and ran home.

Munni, on the other hand finished sixth in the running race and was awarded the most marks in the painting competition. She had won the quiz as well. When Munni reached home with her cycle in the evening, Raj had just woken up from a nap.

He became very unhappy when he found out that Munni was awarded the cycle.

The next morning, all the children began to tease Raj. He ran to his mother and complained to her about all the other children. Raj’s mom explained to him that all the children he had made fun of had felt the same way. She asked him apologize to all the children he had made fun of. Raj apologized to them and he personally apologized to granny too. Seeing Raj, Rinky too apologized.


Granny had a surprise. She took two sets of keys and handed it over to Raj and Rinki. They were the keys of the new cycles. Both hugged her tight and promised to be good.

Soon the summer holidays were over and it was time to go back home.

The Proud Watermelon

Titan, the watermelon was very stubborn by nature. He never respected anyone, even if they were older than him. Titan was not only big, but he was strong too. Seeing his heavy build, the other vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, ladyfingers and muskmelons were all scared of him.

The watermelon patch was in a corner of the farm so Titan was not visible to Nandu, the farmer. When Nandu came near him, Titan would hide behind the leaves. He liked ruling over all the other vegetables and enjoyed making fun of them by calling them, weaklings.

The tomatoes would turn red at Titan’s comments. The cucumbers became leaner because they were scared of Titan, they kept leaning away from him and lost their shape.

The poor ladyfingers were so tired of fear that they actually became like a skeleton. They stopped growing in size.

The big cucumbers hated Titan so much that their hearts became full of bitterness.

The muskmelons were angry too, but they could only change colours. The muskmelons lacked the courage to stop Titan.

Titan continued growing and strengthening himself by doing sit-ups and working out. He would then show off his strong biceps and arms to scare everyone. The ladyfingers and cucumbers wished that Nandu would spot Titan and pluck him.

The ladyfingers and cucumbers wished that Nandu would spot Titan and pluck him.

Let’s hope Nandu sees and takes Titan to the market, or else throws him away in the wastebasket. At least we will be relieved from his pride and conceit,” they said to each other.

The day finally came when Nandu saw Titan. But he was so heavy that Nandu could not carry him. Nandu went back from the farm.

Titan’s pride increased. The tomatoes become redder, the ladyfingers became skinnier, the small cucumbers lost their shape, the big cucumbers became more bitter and the muskmelons started to change their colour again.

“Hey all you weaklings, mark my words. I will be the costliest watermelon sold in the market. All of you will be on one side and I will be on the other,” said Titan.

Nandu came with his son Chandu. Together they picked Titan with great difficulty and put him inside the cart. Nandu and Chandu plucked some tomatoes, cucumbers, ladyfingers and muskmelons too. They kept
all the vegetables along with Titan inside a huge bag.

Nandu set off to the market where he arranged them. He kept all the vegetables in a line and he kept the watermelon in the centre.

Customers came and bought the tomatoes, cucumbers, ladyfingers and muskmelons. Everybody took a look at the watermelon, but nobody bought him.

When Nandu asked the customers to buy the watermelon all of them gave some excuse. One customer said, “Nandu, how will I take it to my house?”

“This will not even go inside the fridge, and even the rickshaw driver will ask extra money for this,” said another customer.

Hearing the customers’ remarks Titan felt disappointed. He realised his size and weight had no value here.

“What’s the use of being big and heavy when nobody wants me? All those whom I had been teasing have now been sold at a good price,” Titan thought to himself.

Thinking about this brought tears in Titan’s eyes and his pride too was washed away with it. He felt calmer and lighter now.children fiction

Seeing Titan cry the remaining tomatoes, cucumbers, ladyfingers and muskmelons felt bad and sorry for him.

They tried to motivate him and said, “Titan you should not boast as everyone has their own value. Now that you gave up boasting, we too don’t have any ill feelings in our hearts. Mark our words, very soon you will also be sold at a very good price.”

On hearing this Titan felt very happy and smiled. Right then, a shopkeeper came with his house help and bought Titan for his large family.

Titan waved at his friends and went away happily to the shopkeeper’s home.