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Human civilization has constructed cities for many years. For the longest time, it was believed that humans were the only ones capable of building them. However, scientists recently discovered a species of octopus tetricus build cities too.

Octopus tetricus, a species of octopus, is found around the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. They have built two cities, Octlaantis and Octopolis, off the coast of Australia. The walls of the cities are made from clam and scallop shells. Around 10-16 octopuses live in each city.

It was always assumed that octopuses liked living alone and interacted with other members of their species only when it was mating season. However, these cities prove these animals like mixing with each other. They also build their houses close to one another, just like we humans live next to our neighbours.

Scientists think the octopuses have built their houses at these locations because of the availability of plentiful food. Both locations also have some land formations jutting out of the ocean floor, providing the octopuses with some protection from predators, like sharks.

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