What Do Humans and Octopus Tetricus Have in Common?
Mothers love their children unconditionally. This is not the case in humans alone, because in nature, animal mommies display motherly love and care for their little ones too.
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Winter is the coldest season of the year. Temperature goes down and days get shorter. 
Did you know about this type of squirrel that can almost fly?
The bowerbird woos its mate with its amazing interior design skills.
Sea otters hold paws to avoid drifting away from each other.
Like us, animals too have prints that can be used to identify each individual.
It takes a frog less than second to shoot its tongue out and grab its prey.
The frilled lizard uses its frills to threaten its predator.
The snapping shrimp uses bubbles to stun its prey.
The Grey-Faced woodpecker uses it tongue like a spear!
The pelican uses the pouch under its beak to catch fish.
The cape ground squirrelshields itself from the sun with its own built-in umbrella.
The shovel-snouted lizard has an innovative way to cool off.
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During winter, our jackets and sweaters keep us warm. Sometimes, we light fires to stay warm.