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When we go out for a walk with our parents or siblings, we hold their hands. We do this so that we don’t get lost in the crowd and it makes us feel safe. Did you know that sea otters also do the same?

Sea otters are found along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean in North America and Asia. They spend most of their time in water, floating on their backs and even sleeping that way.

When they sleep, they hold their partner’s paws so that they do not drift away from each other because of the ocean currents. When a group of sea otters hold paws and float together, it is called a “raft”. The largest “raft” ever seen consisted of over 2000 sea otters floating together.

Female sea otters hold their young ones on their chest while floating on their backs.

Sometimes, it entangles itself and its baby in giant seaweed or other sea plants so that it does not drift off.

Box: Sea otters, like humans, often hunt and eat together with their partners or in a group.