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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Turn your favourite Champakvan characters into bookmarks.

You will Need: Chart paper, foam sheets, acrylic paints, brush, cutter, black sketch pen, magnets,googly eyes, glue, pencils and scissors.

Tip: You can also use your Cheeku bookmark as a fridge magnet.

How to make it:

1. Fold the chart into two. Draw an outline of Cheeku’s head on it and cut it out. You’ll get two cutouts.

2. Stick the top half of the two cutouts.

3. Paste googly eyes. Make nose and teeth using foam. Draw the mouth, eyebrows and whiskers. Cut out ears and stick them. Stick a magnet on the back of Cheeku’s head and another inside it.

Your Cheeku bookmark is ready! Place it on the corner of the page of your book!

Make your own Champak bookmark and send us photos at