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You will need:

Colour papers, stick, straw, metal wire, glue, pencil and scissors.

How to make it:
You can use marble paper instead of regular colour paper.


1. Cut three colour papers into square sheets of 15×15 cms each. Fold each sheet into half-corner to corner-to form a triangle. Fold it in half again. Open the sheet, and cut along the fold lines.

2. You will need three triangles in each colour. Stick the tip of one triangle over the tip of another as shown in the picture. Similarly, stick all the nine triangles to form a circle, alternating between the colours.

3. Cut a small circle from a colour paper and stick it in the centre. Apply glue over ‘A’, fold it, and stick it over ‘B’ as shown. Repeat the step for all the triangles. Cut out another small circle and stick it in the centre again.

4. Bend one end of the metal wire and insert a piece of straw over it. Use the other end to pierce through the centre of the wheel and bring it out the back.

5. Insert a small piece of straw through the back of the wire. Hold the wheel perpendicular to the stick as shown in the inset and wind the rest of the wire around it.

Your colourful pinwheel is ready!