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You will need:

Foam sheet, scale, cutter, pencil and glue

How to make it:
You can use thread instead of velcro to fasten the pouch.


1. On a rectangular sheet of foam, draw two horizontal lines across the length of the sheet-one 6 cms from the top and the other from the bottom.

2. Starting from the right, draw small lines measuring 1 cm for the slits over the two horizontal lines. The slits should have a gap of 2 cms between them.

3. You can also draw longer lines measuring 2 cms to make place for bigger stationery like a scale. Using a cutter, cut along these intermittent lines.

4. Insert pencils or pens through the smaller slits and scale and scissors through the bigger ones.

5. On one end, stick one small square piece of velcro, with the rough side facing up. Roll the pouch from the other end until it meets the velcro. At this point, stick a square piece of soft velcro so that the pouch can be fastenedproperly.

Your foam pouch is ready!