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You will need:

String, hex nuts, acrylic paint, brush, tape and scissors.

How to make:
Tip: You can also make a hex nut necklace.


1. Paint all the hex nuts using acrylic paint. You will need about 30 hex nuts depending on the length of the bracelet.

2. Take three pieces of string that are about 30 cms long each.

3. When you measure your wrist with the string, make sure to leave an extra 10 cms in the beginning and the end of the string.

4. Hold the three strings together, leave a gap of about 7 cms and tie a thick knot.

5. Tape the knotted end to the table.

6. Plait the strings for a length of about 3 cms.

7. Thread the hex nuts onto the strings on the sides dividing them equally. Leave  the centre string as it is.

8. After threading all the hex nuts, plait the strings again for a length of about 3 cms.

9. Tie the loose ends into a thick knot.

10. Tie the final knot loosely so that it forms a loop as shown.

11. Cut the extra strings.

Note: To link the bracelet, insert the thick knotted end through the loop.

Your hex nut bracelet is ready!