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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

You will need:

Orange, light and dark green, and red chart papers, scissors, glue, pencil, black pen









1. Take light green chart paper and cut it in a shape of a leaf.







2. Cut four thin conical strips of dark green paper and stick them on the leaf.







3. Cut two equal size green strips and stick them together on one end. Fold each strip over the other to form a tight spring.







4. Glue this spring in the centre of the leaf.







5. Trace a frog on orange chart paper and cut it.







6. Cut circles from red chart paper and stick them on the frog’s body. Add eyes using white chart paper and black pen.







7. Cut a long strip of red paper for the frog’s tongue.







8. Glue the frog on the paper spring.







Your frog is ready! Press the frog to see it hop!


Make your own Leaping Frog and send us photos at