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You will need:

Air-drying clay, satin ribbon, acrylic paint (gold, silver and bronze), paintbrush, stick or any pointed object.


How  to make it:
You can use cardboard instead of clay and cover it with colour paper.

1. Roll out a small piece of clay to form a basic circular medal shape. Using the stick or a straw, make a hole in the clay, big enough to thread the satin ribbon through it.

2. Before the clay dries, quickly draw an outline using the stick. Use a pen cap to create the Olympic logo in the centre.

3. After the clay dries completely, paint the medal.

4. Thread the satin ribbon through the medal and knot the ends. The ribbon should be long enough to be worn around your neck.

Similarly, using different colour acrylic paints, you can create a gold, silver or bronze medal.