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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Long ago, in a town called Hellen, there were
a lot of rats. The people tried to get rid of
them but they didn’t know how. In the next
town, there lived a young man named Tom.
Everybody called him Cheezy because he
always ate a lot of cheese. One day, he came
to Hellen to visit his grandfather who had a
cheese shop. He was walking towards the lake
while eating a piece of cheese. When the rats
got the smell of cheese, they started following
him. Tom had reached a cliff when he suddenly
heard some squeaking sounds. He turned around
and was surprised to see many rats. He got
scared and dropped the piece of cheese that he
was eating into the lake. All the rats jumped
into the lake to get that cheese. Some people
who saw this informed the mayor. The mayor
appreciated Tom and rewarded him with
a bag full of diamonds.
Anagha Dhar, 14 years