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Dona, the duck wanted to participate in a story-writing competition but she didn’t know what to write on. She sat under a tree in the park with her pen and notepad, engrossed in her thoughts.

“Hi, Dona! You look deep in thought. What are you thinking about?” asked Molly, the elephant who was walking by.

“Hi, Molly! I am going to participate in a story-writing competition but I can’t figure out what to write on,” replied Dona.

“Oh! Why don’t you write something about me? I can lift heavy objects and have won several medals for weightlifting,” suggested Molly.

Just then, Bonnie, the bear happened to pass by and overheard the conversation. “Who’s going to read a story about you? Dona, you must write about me instead. I have been awarded the ‘Man of the Match’ title for several cricket tournaments. I have scored many centuries and taken wickets as well,” said Bonnie.

“I know exactly how many runs you have scored and wickets you have taken. It is not enough to make one write about you!” interrupted Harry, the horse. “You should base your story on me, Dona. I win the first prize in the annual race every year. I have a shelf full of medals to prove it,” he said haughtily.

The Girl Who Loved to Learn

Dona didn’t reply to any of them. They only seemed to add to her confusion. Soon, many animals started to gather around her, including Ray, the rhinoceros who tried to make his way to the front of the crowd.

“Get out of my way, Eddie!” he said shoving the donkey aside.  “You haven’t done anything spectacular for Dona to write a story about you.”

Everyone in the crowd started laughing. Eddie was hurt but he didn’t say a word. He quietly moved to a corner.

“If Dona writes a story, it will have to be about me! I have won all the wrestling competitions in the forest. I can take on anyone who dares to challenge me,” said a smug Ray.

One by one, everybody started bragging about themselves, which made Dona frustrated.

Meanwhile, Drake, the deer was on his way to the market to sell his vegetables. He was old and frail, and looked very tired. He pushed his cart with great difficulty. Suddenly, he turned red and started to breathe heavily.

None of the animals tried to help, instead they passed comments like “You should stay at home, old man!” and “Why don’t you eat some of your own vegetables to gain some strength?”

Too weak to continue any longer, Drake fell down and the cart slowly rolled away. Eddie who just noticed what was happening, rushed to stop the cart. He then helped Drake sit up and offered him some water to drink.

“Thank you, Eddie! You came at the right time to save me,” said Drake.

“Please don’t thank me, Drake. It is my duty to help you,” said Eddie, adding, “You shouldn’t be out in the sun the whole day. You must be more careful at your age.”

Dona who witnessed the entire incident went up to the two.

“How are you feeling, Drake?” asked Dona.

“I am feeling much better. Thank you,” said Drake.

Then Dona looked at Eddie and said, “Eddie, you are the best out of everyone here. What you just did is much better than the qualities everyone boasted about themselves. I have decided to write a story about you.”

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Eddie blushed on hearing this, while all the other animals felt ashamed of themselves. They had now learnt a valuable lesson.