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Sweety Vixen was the neighbour of little Bulbul. One day, she suddenly thought of something and began singing. A crow flew by and said, “Sister Sweety, do you want to chase away everybody from here today?” and he burst out laughing.

Sweety became angry, “What a thing to say! Can’t I even sing?” She started singing even more loudly.

Hariyal Parrot was passing by and asked, “Sister, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

“Am I crying? What do you know about classical music?” She screamed furiously which made Hariyal fly away in haste.

Now Sweety was angry with everybody. She looked towards little Bulbul’s house. The door was closed and one could hear her singing in her melodious voice.

‘Let me hear which song she is singing,’ Sweety thought, and tried to listen. Bulbul was singing, “She is my best friend I will dance with her. We will have more fun…”

Just then Hansa Deer, who was Sweety’s friend, passed by. Sweety was distracted and couldn’t hear the song any longer.

“Aren’t you coming for running?” Hansa asked.

Sweety said, “No, you go. I have nothing to do with running. I have stopped playing now.”

“You don’t want to run? Nobody can run as fast as you. What has happened to you?”

“This time I want to take part in a music competition,” Sweety said.

“Really?” And Hansa too burst out laughing.

Everybody tried to reason with her, but she wouldn’t listen. She could easily have won Gold.

Medal for running just like last year. But Sweety was stuck on singing. She would practice all day. If someone said black pepper was good for the throat, she would get it the same day. Even if someone said something in jest, she would follow their advice seriously.

Then came the Spring Festival where various competitions were held. Mainah came to participate in the Tansen Music Competition. The Swan too arrived. Bulbul had already been practicing, Sweety too registered her name for the competition.

However, she would turn her face on seeing Bulbul. She had heard her singing and was worried about Bulbul making fun of her. The day Sweety was going to sing, she had invited the entire jungle. They all appreciated her running, but now were curious to see how she sang.

When Sweety was about to leave, her doorbell rang,

Who would have come now,’ she thought and then heard Bulbul’s voice.

“Hello, Sweety, best of luck. You have prepared well for your singing today.”

“How does that matter? You are going to get the prize,” Sweety said.

“How do you know?

“You sing so well!”

“That is true, but you too sing well. In fact, you dance so well. I can’t dance at all. All animals make fun of me.”

All the animals gathered under the banyan tree in the evening.

sweety's story

Bulbul had registered her name along with Sweety.

“How’s that possible? Only one can sing here,” Minky Monkey said.

“But this is a music competition. Why can’t we do that?” Bulbul said.

But, Bulbul, do you really want to sing with Sweety?” Hathiram asked.

“Yes, Uncle, this is for ‘fun’. This is what should happen. Everybody should get a prize.”

As soon as Sweety started her song, everybody began giggling. Elephant Uncle’s trunk began jiggling due to his laughter. Sweety saw that after some time, everybody was clapping loudly. Bulbul had started singing in her beautiful voice, “Sweety is my best friend

I will dance with her.

We would have more fun…

We are here for the fun

We want all the friends

Come and dance, have fun”

Sweety was dancing very elegantly at the song.

Seeing her dance, Bheema Bear too got up and began dancing. Neelu Peacock too had joined in.

The audience threw in a big round of applause.

“Bulbul, why didn’t you tell me before?”


“That you love me so much! I was under the wrong impression.”

Bulbul laughed, “Sweety, we are friends. I know that you dance very well. I can sing very well and together we could do so beautifully.” Elephant Uncle gave Sweety a huge trophy for her performance.

sweety's story

When Neelu Peacock congratulated her, Sweety realized that she was really being appreciated. Now she understood the meaning of Bulbul’s words and her eyes began searching for Bulbul in the big crowd. Meanwhile, Bulbul was talking in her sweet voice to Hariyal and others, praising Sweety for her dance.