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Once again, all the ants were accusing Joey the Ant for being the culprit. They said that he was responsible for all that happened. Joey was quietly standing on one side with tears in his eyes. He had just lost his leg and that was the reason why everyone pronounced him unlucky or jinxed.

It had so happened that in the morning, the Queen Ant’s son Nannu was playing where Joey was searching for food.

Nannu lost his balance and fell down and got injured. He said that it was due to Joey that he got hurt. Thus everyone thought that Joey was unlucky.

“We cannot let Joey stay with us anymore. He should be asked to leave our anthill,” said Nikki the Ant. All the ants agreed to it and asked Joey to leave. Joey had no choice but to find a new home for himself. He decided to stay alone.

Joey was proceeding towards his house when he heard someone mourning in pain. He went in the direction of the sound just to find out that an ant was badly injured. He then asked her for her residential address and safely took the ant to her house.

Joey had saved her life. Her family members praised him for his work. When Joey narrated his story, they felt sorry for him and asked him to stay with them. Joey agreed and started staying with them. He was very kind and hardworking. Everyone in his new home respected and loved him. Joey liked his new home but still missed his old anthill.

Gradually, the summer season came to an end and the monsoons arrived. Joey did not face the shortage of food as he had a lot of food in store.

One night when he was sitting in his room, he heard some noises from outside. He went out and saw that the area was flooded with rainwater and the water level was rising continuously. He quickly informed all the ants in the anthill to secure themselves at a height where the water could not rise. Joey’s presence of mind and alertness had saved many lives and once again Joey’s work was appreciated.

Just then, Joey recalled that even the ants of his old anthill might be in trouble. He immediately went there and saw that all the other ants were panicking because Nikki was drowning. He looked around and saw a leaf that was floating in the water. He jumped onto the floating leaf.UNLUCKY

He knew that there was a fallen tree ahead and was sure that the leaf would get stuck there and wouldn’t float further. The moment the leaf came near Nikki, Joey pulled Nikki up onto the leaf and saved her life.

The ants saw this and felt really ashamed of their behaviour with Joey. They apologised to Joey and asked him to stay with them. Joey was finally happy and forgave all of them.