What do you think are the colours you will find under the sea? Print this image and colour it.
Part of this Image have been left blank. Look at the picture, complete it and the colour it.
Connect the dots to form a image of a bobcat, member of the cat family. Best known for their short stubby tails.
Help Blacky bear to find 10 bottles filled with the wrong kind of soda. (Hint : 10 bottles are filled with orange soda)
puzzle for kids
Gaurav’s father sent him to the market to buy some fruits. But he forgot which variety of fruit he was asked to buy. Find out which fruit he has to buy with the help of the clues given.
puzzles for kids
Which of these young photographers will reach the beautiful toucan to click its photo?
Look at the picture of a farm and answer the questions without looking.
Complete the number grid.
One vegetable on each shelf does not belong with the rest.
Meekumouse has taken photos of the Champakvan race, but they’ve got mixed up. Help Meeku put the photos in sequence.
puzzles for kids
Here are some fruits that can help you keep cool in summer. Identify them and find them in the grid below.
puzzles for kids
Circle 10 differences you can find between the pictures
Some things are not right in this scene. Can you point out what they are?
Monsoon is here. Can you find the six monsoon-related words in this grid?
Nothing seems to make the bull move from the middle of the road!
Sanju learns something about her Grandma that changes her attitude.
In 2004 Google started a very interesting project- to scan the world’s books. It is quite a massive task