Mountain Exercise

Fatty bear was very sad because he was fat. He loved eating food because of which his weight kept increasing, even though he tried to control his eating habits.

The gym trainer Sam told him to join the gym, but Fatty did not want to.

Fatty said, “They will make me do difficult exercises in the gym, and there is a restriction on the food. The gym is also expensive for me.”

Fatty thought for a while and came up with an idea. “There is a mountain in front of my house. There is fresh grass on it on which I love to roll. I will climb the mountain to roll on the grass and this will help me lose weight.”


But there was a problem. The mountain’s slope was steep that made it difficult to climb it.

Fatty called his friend Gaplu deer who said, “Try and climb the mountain from the other side. It is flatter and easier to climb from there and then you can roll on the grass as much as you like.”

Fatty waited for a sunny day and then walked to the back of the mountain. Before climbing it, he looked at his body and said, “Hello my body weight. The time has come to say bye-bye to you.”

Soon, he was climbing the mountain, and though it was less steep here, he was breathless. But he climbed to the top of the mountain and from the top he could see the fresh green grass and his beautiful house.

His body was shaking with excitement.

He lay down and started to roll on the grass. In his excitement he forgot the slope was steeper on this side of the mountain. As he rolled down, his body picked up speed and soon he was rolling down the mountain like cannon ball. He tried to stop himself with his legs and hands but could not.

Finally, he reached the bottom of the mountain near his home. Luckily, the grass all along had been soft and fresh, so Fatty was not injured badly but his whole body was sore and he was crying.

Hearing his groans, his parents came out and on seeing him covered in grass and mud, they were shocked.

Fatty’s parents asked, “What happened to you Fatty?”

Heaving and weeping Fatty said, “I came rolling down from the top of the mountain. Oh mom! My back is completely sore and is hurting badly.”

Fatty’s father asked him, “How did you climb the mountain? It is such a steep climb.”

Poor Fatty could not give any answer.


Sam was coming that way and overheard Fatty’s father. “I will tell you about this. Fatty had climbed the mountain to lose his weight, but unfortunately, because of the steep slope he got hurt. He was scared to go to the gym and wanted to save on money. But what he has done is more remarkable.”

Poor fatty was in pain and was sweating

His mother patted and his father soothed him.

Fatty said, “I am saying bye bye to this mountain exercise. I will come and join your gym or run in the park and eat healthy to lose weight.”

Soon Fatty became better and joined the gym. The other animals who exercised with him teased him and said, “You are most welcome to the gym but do tell us about your mountain experience. Did you enjoy rolling down the mountains?”

Everyone including him, laughed at his mountain exercise.


Acute deer lived in Sudervan. His name was Peelu. He was disinterested in studying. Peelu’s parents wanted him to study and do something good. A new school had commenced in Sundervan. Peelu’s parents got his admission done in that school.

Peelu tried to study a lot, but he couldn’t concentrate on his studies. His parents got very upset with him on this issue. They kept him out of the house for a whole day without food and water. And keep scolding him. After that Peelu promised to study hard, but this couldn’t happen. He failed his exams.

Chinky Rabbit was Peelu’s neighbour. She was Peelu’s classmate and would always come first in the class. Chinky’s parents had organized a party to celebrate her success. Peelu and his parents were also invited to the party. Everyone asked about Peelu’s result. Peelu’s parents informed everyone with a heavy heart that Peelu had failed.

Peelu felt very bad. He couldn’t raise his eyes out of shame. He sadly came back home. He started feeling that he is useless. He can never pass, and can never do anything well.

The school started again after the summer break. Whatever his teacher would teach, Peelu couldn’t understand. He stopped talking to his friends because they used to make fun of him.

He would sit for studying out of fear for his parents, but he couldn’t concentrate. When the result for the exams was declared, he had again failed.

He didn’t go home as he was scared about what he would tell his parents. He was roaming in the jungle. Suddenly he heard some voices near the bushes. He hid behind the bushes and started listening. A wild boar and a jackal were talking.

The jackal told the boar, “See, we have laid a very nice trap. Sher Singh comes here for a walk daily. He will definitely get trapped in the net. Our king Krur Singh will be so happy on hearing this news. He will reward us for catching Sundervan’s King Sher Singh.”Useless_Peelu_story

Peelu was taken aback on hearing this. Sher Singh was going to come there soon. He thought that he had to save his king’s life. Without any delay, he started to find Sher Singh. He had just gone a little further when he found Sher Singh on the way. He told him everything.

Sher Singh went to that spot with Peelu. He threw a big stone in the net which then got trapped in it.

Sher Singh invited all the animals of Sundervan for tea in the evening. He welcomed everyone and said, “Friends, I have given this party in the honour of Peelu. He saved my life today.” Then he narrated the entire story.

He called Peelu’s parents too on the stage and gave Peelu a bag full of chocolates. Peelu’s parents were overjoyed. In front of everyone, they asked Peelu to forgive them for scolding him.

Peelu realized that he had fulfilled his duty. He was feeling happy at the contentment of his parents. He had developed confidence in him too.

He had developed confidence in him too.

His parents too stopped nagging him all the time for studying.

Peelu decided that he will study with complete devotion and come first in the class. After that, when Peelu opened his books and began studying, he could understand the concepts.

He started liking books. He was surprised that why hadn’t he read the books with interest before.

When the exams came near, he started studying harder. When the results were declared, he was astounded. He had come first in the class. His teacher and friends applauded his efforts. Even his parents were very happy now.

Genie and John

John was a very lazy boy. He was not interested in going to school or in studying regularly. His parents and teachers were always scolding him for his laziness.

John’s parents tried to teach him the importance of hard work, but he did not listen to them.

“John, I don’t know when you will realise that being lazy is not good,” said dad.

“Why do I get the same thing every time? I wish that there was someone to study on my behalf and give exams,” thought John.

One morning, John went to the beach for a walk. He was dreaming about a life where he did not work and was still happy.

While walking on the beach, John hit something hard on the ground. It rolled a little ahead and made a sound that grabbed John’s attention.

John was surprised to see a golden lamp decorated with small, delicate design. He thought, “This lamp looks like the one from Aladdin’s story. In the story, when the lamp is rubbed thrice, a Genie appears to fulfil our wishes. Let me try.”

John was very excited, he rubbed the lamp thrice.

Work Without Risk

Poof! A Genie appeared in front of John. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Hello, master. I am here to fulfil your wishes,” said the Genie in a pleasant voice.

John was too excited. He first asked for chocolates and ice-creams. Within a few seconds, they appeared in front of John. He asked for some more wishes which the Genie fulfilled instantly.

“What is your last wish, my master?” asked the Genie.

John thought for some time and said, “I want the maths question paper set by our teacher for our exam.”

“Your wish is my command, my master! But don’t you think it is wrong to cheat in exams?” asked the Genie, concerned.

“This is my order to you, Genie. Do not try and preach to me,” said John, angrily.

”As you say, my master!” said the Genie and disappeared in the air. John was very happy about getting the paper.


“This time I will score full marks in the paper. Hard work is not necessary,” said John. He practised a few questions from the paper and made chits of others.

“I will copy the answers during the exam,” said John before going out to play.

John’s maths teacher, Mr. Thomas had set the paper on his computer. One day before the exam, he wanted to take printouts of the paper. But when he
searched for the file on his computer, he found that the paper was missing.

“Oh no! Now I will have to set a new question paper,” thought Mr. Thomas.

The next day, John was full of confidence when he entered the examination hall.

John snatched the paper in a hurry to fill the answer sheet. But soon, he realised that none of the questions matched with the question paper that the Genie had given to him. John felt angry and cheated.

That evening, John rubbed the lamp to call the Genie again.

“You are a cheater, Genie! You gave me the wrong question paper. I’m going to fail because of you,” shouted John, angrily.

The Genie explained, “When you asked me for the question paper, I took it from your teacher’s computer. But the file could only be at one place at a time. When I gave the paper to you, it was deleted from your teacher’s computer. He set another paper after that.”

John realised his mistake. He understood we have to do our work ourselves and with sincerity.

“Had I studied seriously I wouldn’t have to look for a shortcut to succeed in this exam. I should have listened to my parents,” thought John.

John turned to the Genie and said, “Thanks for your help. But be there to show me the right path in the future.”

The Genie happily said, “My master, your wish is my command!”