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• Sealed bottle of water (like the branded ones available in shops),
• A dish of water,
• Refrigerator


1. Leave a dish of tap water in the freezer until the water turns to ice.

2. Place a sealed bottle of water into the freezer and leave it for about two to three hours.

3. After two hours or more, gently remove the bottle from the freezer. The water should not be frozen but should be below freezing temperature (you can use a thermometer to check it).

4. Now, pour the water from the bottle onto the dish of frozen water.


When you pour water on the dish, it instantly freezes and starts forming a slushy snowman. As you keep pouring more water, it continues to freeze as it come in contact with the ice. Add googly eyes to the ice to make an ice snowman.

Let’s Find Out

How does owing water like a river or waterfall turn to ice?
During winter, when the temperature drops, the water bodies rapidly begin to lose heat and become supercooled. Moving bodies of water like rivers and waterfalls do not freeze instantly even after the temperature drops below freezing like our bottle of water, but in this case, it is because of the constant flow and mixing of water. The turbulence and the supercooling cause the water molecules to slow down and stick together forming solid, yet tiny, particles of ice. Slowly, the tiny crystals like the dish of water) will kick start a chain reaction around it, gradually freezing flowing water, and making waterfalls appear as if frozen in motion.