Let's learn more about surface tension.
Follow these steps and make your own sundial.
See how the different colours in a wheel disappear and become one colour.
Build a simple parachute to slow down the fall of an object.
Let's make drinking water from salt water!
slippery cardboard
Remove a cardboard from under a ball without lifting it.
rice magnet
Make a magnet to attract puffed rice.
Do you think plants sweat? Not really but they lose water, let's find out with this simple experiment how plants lose water through transpiration.
science technology
Create your own greenhouse effect in a jar.
science technology
Build your own mini projector.
Here's the simple science behind bubbles.
See how two forks can be balanced on the tip of a toothpick!
See how you can make music with just a straw.
Here’s how you can blow square bubbles!
Here are two ways to put out a candle using Science.
Let’s create an instant ice snowman.
Let’s make a simple hygrometer-an instrument that measures humidity (moisture content) in the air.
Watch how two differently coloured water do not mix!
Build a satellite like the one built by NASA to collect dust from a comet!
Watch the cardboard car zoom across the floor powered by a balloon.