Help Rosie reach the antenna to tune in to her favourite channel!
Help Rahul join the right group of protesters on World Social Justice Day!
National Farmers’ Day is celebrated on December 23. Choose the group making the right demands!
Read the clues and help Juhi's parents order their Tea!
Rakesh is stuck on an island. Help the Indian Navy reach him!
Read the hints and help Shyam to buy gifts for his family members!
Help Piya choose the right article given in the Constitution of India.
Find out which of these children will reach Nehru’s statue and pin the rose!
Help Ruchika find the missing accessories to complete her outfit!
Help Ravi, the postman deliver the post from the postbox to the house.
Help Mayank to dress-up like Gandhiji for a fancy-dress competition!
Help Zoya to choose the correct group which highlights Gandhian values!
Help Ms. Lakshmi, reach the correct classroom for the Teacher’s Day!
Help Tobby tiger and his brothers reach their parents.
Help Deepa choose a camera and pursue her passion for photography!
Help Tannu choose the right friendship bands for her friends!
Help Ellie elephant meet her friends at the lake!
In the maze below, help the player score a goal!
Help Aryan guide the lost old man to his home with the help of some clues!
Find out which mangoes are Khushi's favorites by deciphering the clues!
Help Meenu deliver justice to this man who has committed a crime!
Help Sahil find people who can donate blood with the help of some hints.
Help Akhil choose the right cake depending on his liking!
map quest
Pooja is looking for her scout leader. Help her reach the right team using the clues given below.
puzzles for kids
Circle 10 differences you can find between the pictures
12 years Andhra Pradesh
Kids Submission
Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.