Help Rahul join the right group of protesters on World Social Justice Day!
National Farmers’ Day is celebrated on December 23. Choose the group making the right demands!
Read the clues and help Juhi's parents order their Tea!
Read the hints and help Shyam to buy gifts for his family members!
Help Piya choose the right article given in the Constitution of India.
Help Ruchika find the missing accessories to complete her outfit!
Help Mayank to dress-up like Gandhiji for a fancy-dress competition!
Help Zoya to choose the correct group which highlights Gandhian values!
Help Ms. Lakshmi, reach the correct classroom for the Teacher’s Day!
Help Deepa choose a camera and pursue her passion for photography!
Help Tannu choose the right friendship bands for her friends!
Find out which mangoes are Khushi's favorites by deciphering the clues!
Help Meenu deliver justice to this man who has committed a crime!
Help Sahil find people who can donate blood with the help of some hints.
Help Akhil choose the right cake depending on his liking!
Rehan had to meet his little sister Ayesha after school, but in this rain, he can't recognize her from all the other kids. Can you help him find her?
Map Quest
On World Autism Day, monuments around the world are lit up in blue. This year, electrician Pinto has been told to light up a monument. But he's forgotten which one. Help him identify the monument he has to light up.
map quest
Radha is at her school's science lab and she needs to find the right combination of chemicals to perform her experiment. Which table has the right combination of chemicals and equipment with the help of the clues given below:
Map quest
Mr. Mouse is taking Mrs. Mouse out for a Valentine's Day dinner on February 14. He has asked the restaurant manager to reserve a special table for them based on Mrs. Mouse's preferences. Find out which table has been reserved for them.
map quest
The flight is about to take off but one passenger is yet to board. Help the airline staff identify the passenger using the clues given below.
map quest
Pooja is looking for her scout leader. Help her reach the right team using the clues given below.
puzzle for kids
Gaurav’s father sent him to the market to buy some fruits. But he forgot which variety of fruit he was asked to buy. Find out which fruit he has to buy with the help of the clues given.
Sam has asked Ria to meet him at the bus stop. Using the clues given below, help Ria identify the bus stop where Sam will meet her.
Help Meeku mouse find the treasure's location as marked on the map.
Find out which table has been reserved for Mr and Mrs. Mouse.
Help Rahul choose the right Christmas cake.
Which of these planes is being flown by Rahul's father?
Help Grandma and Grandpa board the right yacht.
Help Rahul spot his friend’s house using the clues given.
Ms. Maya has forgotten which class she is supposed to go to! Help her.