October 31 is Halloween. It’s a day when everyone wears a costume. Ruchika wants to go dressed as a Wizard but she is missing a few accessories to complete the costume. Read the hints, look at the picture and find out what she is missing.


  •  When you want to cast a spell, you hold me in your hand and flick your wrist
  • I am white; I sit perched at a height and I howl at night
  • Round I be, through me the wizard can clearly see
  • I am a piece of cloth that the wizard wears on the head, which matches the colour of the cloak

Mental Health Day!

World Mental Health Day is on October 10. In the following scenes, read the options and pick the right one.

Mental Well-being!

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10. Just like how we keep our body healthy, we should also keep our minds healthy by staying happy and making those around us happy.