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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Cheeku was sadly watching Indian golf player Aditi Ashok walk acros the Olympic golf course, when Damru came and sat behind him. He tickled Cheeku softly.

Cheeku: Damru! Not now. I am not in the mood to laugh. Go and cover the Olympic Games with your team.

Damru: You don’t worry about that. I am here to do my job only, but tell me why are you so upset?

Cheeku: Will India not win any more medals at the Olympics this time? Because tomorrow is the last day.

Damru: Ahh! So you are upset because Aditi Ashok could not win a medal in golf?

Cheeku: Yes, I wish she would have.

Damru: Cheeku, I didn’t expect such a statement from you. You know how hard Aditi Ashok must have worked for golf. She must be more heartbroken than you for not winning a medal.

We should encourage our athletes. It isn’t that easy to win a medal, is it?

Cheeku: Hmm! I know I am being unreasonable.

Damru: It’s alright! Didn’t you see how much effort she put in! Nonetheless, she finished fourth in the women’s individual stroke play.

Cheeku: Yes man, I also saw her try to get a birdie (1-under par on any individual golf hole) on the last shot, but she failed. Only one stroke took away the medal from her.

Damru: So, now do you understand, a player is not the one who gives up playing because of the fear of defeat, a player is the one who plays till the last breath to win, no matter what the result is.

Cheeku: (Laughs) Yes, Khel Baba Damru ki jai! Thanks for giving us so much knowledge.

Both start laughing and cheering for Aditi.