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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Cheeku, Damru and Lily were in the stadium together when Lily intently looked at Cheeku.

Lily: What happened to Cheeku? Why are you staring at Damru?

Cheeku: I was just seeing if there are tears in his eyes today! It’s the last day of the Olympics and Damru had become our guru these past weeks.

Lily: (Laughed softly) Hey Cheeku, don’t pull his leg! Damru is sad because he had a strong desire to cover the Olympics this time and he got that opportunity, which has come to an end now.

Cheeku: Yes! He did a great job covering the Olympics!

Cheeku placed a hand warmly on Damru’s shoulder.

Cheeku: Damru, can you say something? You are too quiet! It doesn’t suit your personality.

Damru: Ahh! This was such a special opportunity to meet these brilliant athletes from all across the globe over the past 17 days. Now I will only be able to meet them again in 2024.

Cheeku: Yes, that is true! We will take a flight from Delhi to Paris in 2024 now.

Damru: (Smiles) Four more years! Isn’t it too far away?

Cheeku: Hey, let’s not be sad. Shouldn’t we instead celebrate that our country (India) won 7 medals this time and all the athletes gave such a great performance, and after 12 years, we are returning home with a gold medal.

Damru: India finished 48th in the Olympics with 7 medals, this is our highest ranking in our Olympic history. For India, Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in javelin throw, Mirabai Chanu and Ravi Kumar Dahiya won silver medals in weightlifting and wrestling respectively. While badminton player P V Sindhu, wrestler Bajrang Punia, boxer Lovlina Borgohain and the men’s hockey team won bronze medals. So, we do have many reasons to celebrate! Let’s aim for even more medals in 2024!

Cheeku: We will! We will!

Just then the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 started with beautiful fireworks. Damru, Cheeku, and Lily, all three looked up in the sky and smiled.

Post that the Japanese flag was hoisted on the stage. And the flags of all the countries that participated formed a huge circle around it. Seeing the Indian flag all three of them started chanting India, India, India! one last time.