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Meeku mouse sharing the news from the Paralympic games with his friend Jumbo elephant and informing him on how well the Indian players performed there, glorifying the country’s name.

Jumbo: When did you come back to India? Didn’t you go to Tokyo to cover the Paralympic Games?

Meeku: Yes, my friend, I just returned today.

Jumbo: Welcome back! Now tell me something about your experience there.

Meeku: Oh Jumbo, it was an amazing experience. When I was informed that I would get to cover the Paralympics, I was so worried about covering it well.

Jumbo: Why?

Meeku: Because the Paralympics are different from the Olympic Games. People with physical or mental disabilities participate in this.

Jumbo: Well, then it must have been very interesting to see what kind of players compete with each other to win medals.

Meeku: Yes! from the opening ceremony to the ending ceremony, everything was excellent.

Jumbo: Really? Tell me more about it.

Meeku: The Paralympics started in a grand manner in Tokyo, and they also light the torch in the cauldron.

Jumbo: Similar to the Olympics, did Indian players participate there?

Meeku: Yes. Here too, India’s largest-ever sports team participated. Our contingent had 54 players participating in nine different sports, one of which was Suhas L Y, the DM of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Jumbo: Oh! Isn’t it amazing that a Government District Officer participated and represented our country! Did he win a medal or not?

Meeku: Be patient, my friend. It is getting late to go home now. Let’s meet tomorrow and I will tell you more about the games and the strong performances of our players.

The two then walked back towards their home smiling along the way!