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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

 Damru: Hello?

Cheeku: Hi Damru! You have forgotten me since you have reached Tokyo.

Damru: Oh no, Cheeku. Of course not! I have simply been busy enjoying the Indian players perform here.

Cheeku: Well, then why haven’t you call me to tell me everything?

Damru: I have sent you all the pictures related to the games, Cheeku. Haven’t you seen them?

Cheeku: Oh yes, you did! I completely forgot about it.

Damru: You have become forgetful.

Cheeku: Ha ha ha! I think so too.

Damru: Oh! Have you seen how well Indian women have been performing here at the Olympics this year?

Cheeku: Yes, I saw how the Indian female boxer, Mary Kom, has slammed Miguelina Hernandez Garcia of the Dominican Republic in the boxing ring.

Damru: Yes, you saw it on the screen. I saw her live! It was mindblowing. I whistled so loudly when she slammed her opponent.

Cheeku: Ha ha ha! You must have enjoyed it.

Damru: Yes. After that, I watched Manika Batra’s women’s singles table tennis match. Throughout the match, I was at the edge of my seat. Despite her best, she was defeated by Ukraine’s Margarita Pesotska.

Cheeku: It was a thrilling match. This time, Indian women are shining bright. Did you see how Indian shuttler PV Sindhu showed off her flair in her first match by easily defeating Israel’s Ksenia Polikarpova?

Damru: Yes! Another proud moment for us! My team is calling me. I must go now! I will call you back later.

Cheeku: Bye! I will look forward to more pictures from you.