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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Damru is watching the hockey game with Cheeku, and they are both jumping and whistling.

Cheeku: Oh Damru, calm down. You are too loud!

Damru: This match deserves it! After 41 years, India is playing such brilliant hockey at the Olympics.

Cheeku: That is true. It seems similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Chak De India, “yeh 70 mintutes tumhare hai, inhe tumse koi nahi cheen sakta, dikha do aaj ki in hockeiyon mein kitna dam hai”. (Just show them how powerful your hockey game is!)

Damru: Yes, yes, yes…

Just then a goal attempt from the German team was thwarted by the Indian hockey team’s goalkeeper, Sreejesh. Both Cheeku and Damru jumped up and started hooting in the stadium, India….India!! Similarly, goalkeeper Sreejesh thwarted 9 goals out of 13 goals attempted by the German players.

Damru: Such a thrilling match. Germany is giving such a tough competition to India.

Cheeku: Yes! You know, the German hockey team is known for its attacking skills that helped it reach the finals at the Olympics.

Damru: Yes man, that’s why our hockey team has worked very hard for me too. See how, by converting penalty strokes and corners into goals, they changed the course of the match.

Cheeku: I agree, this hockey team did what it was determined to do – to not return home without a medal!

The buzzer announced the end of the match and Team India had won the bronze medal by defeating Germany 5-4.

Cheeku and Damru jump with joy and started screaming. Damru hurriedly took hold of his camera and started clicking pictures of the winning ceremony.