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Damru is outside the Olympic Stadium when he suddenly hears the roar of aeroplanes flying overhead.

He looks up at the sky in panic but then smiles brightly.

Flying past were 6 aeroplanes with each trailing a smoked colour of the Olympic Ring.

Damru said to his crewmates, “Wow, look how beautiful this is! It looks like the aeroplanes are welcoming the players and guests to the city of Tokyo before the games commence.”

His friend said, “Yes man! It is exactly like in our country, on the 26th of January, when aeroplanes welcome everyone by showering flowers on the Red Fort!”

“Wow, they are called the Olympic rings, right? It is the symbol of the Olympic Games,” marvelled Damru while pointing at a smaller dummy version of the Olympic rings which were the size of Hoola-Hoops. Damru was beaming with excitement, his eyes wide open.

“Hey Damru, let’s go. You have become just like a child after seeing these things. If anything happens to these hoops, the guard standing there will catch us,” said another crew mate.

Just then a guard came running towards them. Damru and his crew members panicked.

“Welcome to Tokyo sir, enjoy the Olympic festival but please wear a mask!” he said.

Damru and his team members laughed at each other, thanked the guard and immediately put on their masks.