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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Damru was watching the final match with Cheeku at the Olympic Stadium when Lily butterfly came up to them and started dancing.

Lily: Will we finally get it?

Damru: Lily, why are you jumping. Should we pack you up and take you back to India.

Cheeku: Yes, Lily! Should we just send you back for being too loud?

Lily: Oh you guys! The last day of the Olympics is going to be great for India today.

Cheeku: Ha ha ha! Oh so finally you are showing interest in the Olympics?

Damru: That too on the last day!

Both Damru and Cheeku chuckled.

Lily: Ha ha ha…. I was always interested but I am more excited about it, when it comes to India.

Just then, India’s javelin thrower, Neeraj Chopra, prepares to throw the javelin by standing in his position at the stadium.

Cheeku whistles loudly and Damru cheers him on by chanting ‘Neeraj, Neeraj!’

Damru, Cheeku and Lily all have their eyes glued on Neeraj. Neeraj rushes past the contact line to throw the javelin for 87.03 meters on the first throw and 87.58 meters on the second attempt. Even after this, Neeraj made 3 more attempts, but the fourth and fifth attempts were foul throws, but due to excellent first and second attempts, he retained his first place.

At last the buzzer rang to mark the end of the game and everyone waited for the result to be announced.

As soon as Neeraj Chopra was declared the winner of the Javelin Throw Game,  Damru, Cheeku, Lily and all the crew members leapt out of their seats and danced with joy.

Lily: Didn’t I say that today was going to be a special day for India?

Damru: Neeraj has made this day extra special. This is the first gold that the country has got in this Olympics.

Cheeku: Yes, also he is the first Indian male athlete to win a gold medal in the men’s javelin throw event.

Neeraj stood tall on the podium and was awarded the gold medal. Then the National Anthem of India started playing, Damru, Cheeku and Lily all three stood up and sang along with teary eyes.

They then continued chanting ‘India, India’ all the way till they reached the cafeteria to celebrate this historic moment and their last day in Tokyo.