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After enjoying the weekend, Damru is back with his crew at the stadium to cover some more games.

“Arghh!” Damru cried.

“Why are you so anxious?” asked his crew member.

“Amxious? Not really! I’m just worried that our men’s hockey team might lose 7-1 to Australia again like in the last match.”

“Well, that was last time. This time all our players are working really hard to defeat the Spanish players.”

Just when they were discussing this, India’s hockey player, Rupinder Pal, scored a goal against Spain in the 15th minute of the match.

Damru immediately pointed his camera towards him and started clicking pictures frantically. All of them started cheering ‘India! India’ loudly.

“Amazing! It looks like our team will again make it to the Olympic points table,” said Damru.

“Absolutely, my friend. Today our team is in tremendous form,” said his crew member.

Along the game, Rupinder Pal and Simranjit Singh scored a goal each. With these two goals, the game came to an end and India defeated Spain, 3-0.

“Hurray! This was such a thrilling experience. I am so glad we were able to witness this in person,” exclaimed Damru.

Just ten, the points table for Pool A was announced and Team India was in the second place.

“There is hope for a medal from the Indian hockey team this time!” said one crew member with a teary-eyed.

“Oh, why are you getting so emotional? Just enjoy this moment,” Damru consoled him.

“Yes man, you are right. Let’s go and celebrate this win with a hearty meal in the cafeteria,” suggested someone.

“Let’s go!” said Damru.

The whole team walked towards the cafeteria, hooting ‘India, India!’ along the way.