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Damru was covering the various matches taking place in the Olympic Stadium when the weightlifting game began.

Damru pointed his camera towards the Indian player, weightlifter Mirabai Chanu. He immediately started whistling and cheering for her.

His crew mate nudged him and said, “Damru, Focus on the camera and take a picture of the player, or else we will not be able to capture this moment.”

“Yes, yes,” said Damru and clicked some pictures of Mirabai.

Mirabai confidently approached the lifting base where the barbell was placed. She greeted everyone with folded hands and then lifted the barbell with confidence.

Damru was watching her with a loud thumping heart, his fingers crossed.

“Hey! You could have tumbled down with the camera, Damru. What happened? Why are you so nervous?” his crew mater asked.

“Oh! Nothing I was just shocked on seeing weightlifter Mirabai Chanu’s performance,” he exclaimed.

“Mirabai Chanu lifted 87 kg in the snatch category of 39 kg and 115 kg in the clean and jerk category, 105, i.e., a total of 200 kg. That was more weight than what I was even allowed to carry in his suitcase,” marvelled Damru.

Damru and his crew members all burst out into laughter

They were still giggling, when someone asked, “What is a snatch, clean and jerk?”

“Snatch, clean and jerk are two types of weightlifting category. Snatch is when the weightlifter lifts the barbell (which the weightlifter lifts with his hands) and lifts it straight above his head,” explained Damru.

“And clean and jerk?”

“The clean and jerk involves first lifting the bull up to your chest (clean), then holding it with your elbows straight above your head, extending your arms and legs until the buzzer sounds. Keep it on till the buzzer goes off,” continued Damru.

They were all busy listening to Damru’s explanation when all of a sudden, the Olympic Committee declared India’s Meerabai Chanu as the winner of the second position (silver medal) in the weight lifting competition.

Damru and his team were overjoyed on hearing the announcement, they whistled and hooted while clicking multiple pictures of Mirabai holding the medal.