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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Damru was busy capturing the games at the stadium when someone placed a hand on his shoulder.

Damru: Argh! Can you please take your hand off my shoulder? I am unable to capture the pictures well.

Cheeku: Ha ha ha!

Damru: (turns around shocked) Cheeku!!! My friend! How and when did you arrive?

Cheeku: By taking a direct flight from the Delhi airport to Tokyo.

(Both laughed and Hi-Fived one another)

Damru: I am so glad you are here! Now tell me, why did you come here? Weren’t you enjoying the games back at home?

Cheeku: That’s right. After talking to you I kept thinking how amazing it would be to see the games live? So, I took a quick decision and booked my tickets to the Olympics.

Damru: (Laughs) I can see your excitement here! So, tell me have you seen any games live yet?

Cheeku: No, I just arrived back an hour, and directly came here. And since I have arrived here, I have been hearing a constant buzz about Kamalpreet Kaur of India. Who is she?

Damru: Another lost spectator, are you?

Cheeku: Will you continue pulling my legs, or tell me more about Kamalpreet Kaur?

Damru: Ha ha! Sorry. I will tell you more., relax! Kamalpreet Kaur is participating in the discus throw for India in Group B.

Cheeku: Discus throw, what game is that?

Damru: Remember, once when you threw a plastic plate in the air at the playground it came and directly hit my nose?

Cheeku: (Laughs guiltily) Yes, yes remember. So discus throw is to take a plate in the hand and toss it in the air? (Cheeku mimics the action)

Damru: Sure! If it was so easy, then wouldn’t everyone playing on this ground win a gold medal?

Cheeku: Oh man, why do you take my jokes so seriously? Tell me more please.

Damru: This game consists of discs weighing 2 kg for men and 1 kg for women. This disc is made of metal. Each player gets a chance to bounce it 8 times.

Cheeku: Okay… then?

Damru: The player has to throw the disc while standing inside a circle with an 8.5 ft radius. He/She cannot touch the ball from the top but can touch the inside edge, but his throw is considered a foul throw if they accidentally come out of the circle.

Cheeku: (Nods his head) Oh! Well, now I can imagine how tough it is.

Damru: Exactly, it isn’t as easy you thought.

Cheeku: Understood. Kamalpreet Kaur must have definitely performed well in this game since she is being discussed all around.

Damru: Yes. Kamalpreet Kaur made it to the final with a throw of 60.29 mt in the first and 63.97 mt in the second qualifying round. Now, on August 2, she will throw discus throws for the medal.

Cheeku: This is amazing! It’ll be fun to watch her performance.

Damru: Yes, of course, but please wear your mask now or else you will not be able to allowed to sit here in the stadium.

Cheeku: (Immediately puts on the mask)

Both the friends whistle and cheer loudly for Team India.