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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Damru almost leapt out of his seat after seeing the Indian team enter the stadium.

He frantically started clicking pictures of the Indian team. Seeing his favourite 4-time world female boxer, Mary Kom, he screamed with joy!

A while later Cheeku called up Damru!

Damru: Oh dear, I was just going to call you.

Cheeku: Why? What happened? Are you coming back to India after catching the first flight due to fear of Corona?

Damru: No, no, I was going to call you to tell you that I met Indian boxer Mary Kom and we clicked a selfie together!

Cheeku: Wow! You must be on cloud nine today. You met the four-time Indian women’s winning champion boxer Mary Kom.

Damru: Yes! Mary Kom led the Indian team in the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium with the Indian flag. She was also accompanied by the captain of our men’s hockey team, Manpreet Singh.

Cheeku: Wow! I wish I could have sees that. It would have been great to cheer for the Indian Team and boost their confidence.

Damru: Don’t be sad, I will keep sending you all the photos and videos from my camera so that you can see the Indian Team! They will also be broadcasted live on TV. Why don’t you whistle in front of the TV, bouncing on your bed? This can also increase their enthusiasm.

Both of them burst out laughing at Damru’s suggestion!