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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Damru is ready with his camera to capture the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.

It is a nice day here in Tokyo! The opening ceremony of Olympics 2021 is just about to begin.

Just then, Damru’s phone rings. It is his friend Cheeku rabbit.

Cheeku: How excited are you to attend the Olympic Games, Damru?

Damru: I am ecstatic Cheeku. I’m right now at the Tokyo’s Citizens Plaza, where the Olympic flame will be lit to mark the commencement of the Games.

You will not believe how huge the cauldron is. The torch-lit cauldron at Citizen Plaza is as large as the giant woks we use while frying delicacies during festivals. I will send you a photograph.

Cheeku: Ha ha ha, you have to send a photo of the wok!

Damru: It says that it is a cauldron and not a wok.

Cheeku: Ha ha, a cauldron for them but a wok for me. Well, what else have you seen?

Damru: I have not seen much yet. The games will start shortly. But I am about to faint after having seen the ground size of their opening ceremony.

Cheeku: Oh man! Take care of yourself, if you faint, then who will show me the Olympics?

(They both started laughing loudly over the call)

Damru: The national stadium which has been selected for the Olympic Opening Ceremony has a seating capacity of more than 68,000 people. But the most important thing is that along with organizing such a big game, all the facilities of safety and precaution against the coronavirus are being undertaken.

Well, now I must go! I will give you all the further information tomorrow.

Cheeku: Alright! Enjoy safely.