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Damru: Dishoom… Dishoom! (Mimics a punch to a fellow crew member’s nose!)

First crew member: Damru, what are you doing? Sometimes you start dancing, sometimes you start boxing.

Second crew member: Damru seems to be possessed by the spirit of the famous American boxer Muhammad Ali!

Damru: Hey, you can think whatever you want to think. I am simply excited today, so I will not stop.

Second crew member: Hmm? Tell us also, then we too will start mock boxing with you. Dishhoom.. Dishhoom..!

Damru: What should I say? Did you not see how India’s boxer Satish Kumar won his first Olympic match?

First crew member: Yes man! We saw how he beat Jamaican boxer Ricardo Brown 4-1 in the pre-quarterfinal match. And now in the quarter-finals, he will face the No 1 seeded boxer from Uzbekistan.

Damru: Hmm…! That is a huge challenge for Satish right?

Second crew member: Yes man… it is, but more so it is a bigger challenge for India.

Damru: Why?

First crew member: This is the first time that an Indian boxer has been in the boxing ring for India in the Olympics in the heavyweight category.

Second crew member: Yes! Didn’t you know?  I have also heard that Satish Kumar has entered the Olympic ring for the first time in this category.

Damru: Woah! I would have never guessed it was his first time. The way he fought in the Olympic ring did not feel like it was his first time in this category. His game has raised hopes for a medal.

First crew member: Yes man… India has high medal expectations from their boxers at the Tokyo Olympics. So far, Mary Kom, Pooja Rani, Lovlina, Amit Panghal and Satish Kumar have been seen living up to this expectation. Fingers crossed that they all will win a medal for us!

Damru: Hey, stop pressurising our player! Go and eat some food. Leave it to our players to enjoy and play!

Everyone laughed and agreed to Damru.