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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Standing in the stadium,  Damru acted as if he was slamming his friend Cheeku.


Damru: How does it feel to be beaten? How do you feel rolling in the dust?

Cheeku: Why are you so dramatic?

Damru: Don’t you see how Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya slammed every wrestler in the Olympic ring this time?

Cheeku: The 14th day of Olympic day was spectacular for the Indian audience, wasn’t it?

Damru: Yes! The 14th day of the Olympics was also a lot of fun for India. After 41 years, India won the bronze medal in hockey, and now Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya has won the silver medal in the 57 kg weight freestyle wrestling category.

Cheeku: Yes, how hard are our players working for these medals?

Damru: They are all giving it their all! Look at Ravi Dahiya, despite being defeated in the finals by Russian player Zavur Uguev, he won a silver medal in wrestling because of his excellent performance.

Cheeku: Hmm. Russian wrestler Zavur Uguev defeated Ravi Dahiya 7-4 in the gold medal match.

Damru: Nevertheless, he still managed to win a silver medal.

Cheeku: Why don’t we go celebrate his medal with ice cream?

And so both the friends walked out of the stadium towards the cafeteria for a much deserved celebration!