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Solve the mystery of the blue dye with Cheeku and Meeku!

Indian women’s hockey match is on. Damru is cheering for India, along with Cheeku.

Just then, Lily butterfly, who is part of Damru’s media crew, comes ther.

Lily butterfly: Damru, will you be watching all the matches with your friend Cheeku or will you also cover them with the team?

Damru:  Argh! Lily, don’t you see what a thrilling match this is! Indian women’s hockey team can totally defeat the Australian team.

Cheeku: Yes Lily, please allow him to enjoy it.

Lily: Are you serious?

Cheeku: (Laughs meekly) Fine. Damru please go and start working.

Lily: Yes please. Come along let’s start capturing the match!

Damru: Alright. I cannot believe I have to work instead on enjoying this crucial match?

Lily: Crucial? From what I am seeing, it looks like players running after one another.

Damru: Oh! How can I forget that you simply don’t understand Hockey.

Lily: Well, now is a good time to explain it to me!

Damru: Yes, I’ll explain it. But, please let me watch it first.

Suddenly both Damru and Cheeku jump out of their seats and start cheering loudly!

Lily: What? What just happened? Why are you both jumping so wildly?

Damru: Didn’t you see?

Lily: What?

Damru: The Indian women’s hockey team has created history by making it to the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics, Miss Lily.

Lily: Really?

Damru: Yes! This is for the first time that the women’s team has made it to the Olympic Games. They have defeated the three-time gold medal-winning Australian team.

Lily: Oh wow! Amazing.

Damru: Yes, the women’s team worked so hard for this victory. The Indian women’s hockey team has made the entire country proud.

Hip-hip-hooray! All three of them hooted!