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Humans build houses and divide them into rooms—kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, etc. Naked mole rats do the same.

Naked mole rats are mammals found in Eastern Africa. Like how we build houses, they dig out burrows or tunnels in a systematic manner where they form a line to dig. The animal at the front of the line starts digging and those lined up behind it sweep the dirt backwards until the last animal in the line kicks the dirt out.

These underground tunnels are separately dedicated to nesting, eating and farming. Naked mole rats have a separate burrow to eliminate waste. Once the toilet burrow is full, they cover it with fresh soil or block it and dig up a new one. They are said to be one of the most hygienic rodents.

Up to 300 mole rats can be found in a single colony that spreads over a distance of around six football fields.

Naked mole rats run backwards as fast as forwards.