The secret of stone
Find out with Aryan the secret behind the stone
Peelu's Parents realized that it is not pressure but support which nurtures the talent.
Pikku, the pigeon understood that bliss is on the other side of his fear.
Nikku and Tikku realised that fear is nothing more than a state of mind.
Minti shows that truest wisdom is a resolute determination and never giving up.
Bunty wants to play with his friends, but for that, he has to befriend something else too.
Leo's haircut
Leo's understood that flattery is the food of fools.
children fiction
Come with Rony to an unusual adventure in his new bedroom.
children story
Raju and his friends show everyone that kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.
Mischievous Jerry showed that attentiveness never disappoints.
children fiction
King Samudragupta proves that wisdom is found only in truth.
kids fiction
Proud Watermelon discovered that arrogance is a kingdom without a crown.
children fiction
Peeku, the parrot recognised the importance of truth.
children fiction
Champakvan is in trouble due to the naughty thieves, find out how Blacky Bear got his pot of honey back.
children fiction
Four friendly neighbourhood kids helped Grandmother Veena.
children fiction
Jumbo learns that a lesson can be taught harmoniously.
Kanga the kangaroo realized that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
Find out with curious Kunal the history behind Halloween festival.
John realised that hard work and honesty does the real magic.
Kids Story
Terry finds out that superstition is the religion of the mindless.
Kids stories
A few months ago, Dolly had washed up on the shore because of high tide. She was stuck on the beach, unable to get back into the water.
Kids story
Jijo and Fredo enjoyed themselves at the fair. They had lots of fun eating ice creams and fried snacks. They went on different rides and spent the entire day there.
english stories for kids
Soon their train arrived at the platform. Riya and Aunt Anita stepped onto the train and found a seat by the window.
english stories for kids
Ankur knew how to give first aid to injured animals. He picked up the fawn and brought him into the house.
kids stories
Cheeku quickly phoned the police. The police arrived and arrested all the three animals inside the museum. King Shersingh too arrived at the scene.
Kids stories
As soon as Jacky, Chimpu baba and Chiko baba saw the police, they tried to escape but Inspector Giro managed to catch them.
kids stories
Besides keeping our water bodies clean, it is also important to plant trees to ensure adequate rainfall,” said Mandira.
bedtime english stories
Cockroaches love to eat. In fact, there may be no other creature as gluttonous as the cockroach.
Stories for kids
After one week, the elephants moved into the forest. The elephants and the mice lived together peacefully and happily.
The red car got scared on seeing Tommy preparing to jump on it. “If that dog jumps on me, he’ll cause dents and scratches. I must avoid him,” thought the red car.