Rainbow Gift Box
Let's make a colourful box to pack your chocolates or gifts.
A handy pouch to keep all your stationery!
Make your own colourful bracelet and gift it to your best friend!
Let’s make a colourful pinwheel and have some fun!
Let’s make a different kind of raincoat for this monsoon!
Make a badge for Independence Day, arakhi for your brother and a necklace for your sister in one go!
Make your own medal and gift them to your friends on Frienship Day!
Let's make a tricolour kite!
Store your valuables safely in this coco-box!
Turn your favourite Champakvan characters into bookmarks.
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Nothing seems to make the bull move from the middle of the road!
Sanju learns something about her Grandma that changes her attitude.
In 2004 Google started a very interesting project- to scan the world’s books. It is quite a massive task